Simo times three, 2012

Lasse and Simo are burglars operating in the Helsinki area. In the same neighbourhood lives Eeva, Simo´s one-night-stand. Their encounter was a drunken one, and Eeva doesn´t even remember the man´s face – only his name, which she has given to the result of the tryst: her son. The real Simo comes up with a devious plot, wherein Lasse pretends to be Simo, the father of Baby Simo. In the space of one day, Simo and Lasse wallow in the mire of excuses. They make a run for it, start a family, try to clear off their debts and save a human life. In the end, everything might just turn out well, if not for Lasse taking his role as a father a little too seriously.

AWARD: Special Mention / Vuoden Uroteko-palkinto, Jussi-Awards, 2013

Lasse - Rami Rusinen
Simo - Olli Rahkonen
Eeva - Paula Vesala
Anders - Pekka Strang
Rimpi - Matti Onnismaa
Pasi - Antti Reini

Writers - Teemu Nikki & Jani Pösö
Director, Editor - Teemu Nikki
Cinematography - Jyrki Arnikari F.S.C.
Makeup & Hair Design - Kati Koskela
Costume Design, Set Design - Maria Ylätupa
Sound Design - Timo Anttila, Tuomas Seppänen
Music - Janne Huttunen
Producers - Jani Pösö & Teemu Nikki

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